About Us

If somehow, you got to this page, it’s most probably because you must be the kind of person who lacks any vital symptoms until you get  your first cup of coffee in the morning. If so, you are one of us... A genuine coffee addict!
Living After Coffee™, expresses this feeling. 

In fact, our logo represents a brain that turned into a coffee bean. What did you see first, a brain or a coffee bean?? ;-)

We started Living After Coffee, from enjoying hundreds of delicious cups of coffee, either in some of the greatest Barcelona Specialty coffee shops, or traveling around the world. 

We dreamt about creating a brand that matches the same values required to prepare a sublime coffee - passion, high quality, great experience and sustainability. 

After a long process of creation, testing, debate and selection of materials, the idea of ​​creating a line of premium clothing and accessories, inspired by coffee, is now a reality.

Today, we finally can share our products with you, hoping that you will enjoy them the same way we do every single day. 

Prepare yourself a delicious cup of coffee and relax while browsing our shop, we are sure that you will fall in love with what you see ;-)


See you very soon!



...And this is us ;-)



Origin: Venezuela
Favourite  espresso based drink: Americano
Favourite filter method : V60
Favourite coffee origin: Ethiopia Guji

Coffee Skills: Barista initiation
Favourite T-Shirt: "Japan Edition"
Passions: Traveling,  gastronomy, running and animals
A place to live: London
A place to get lost: Hanoi



Origin: Barcelona
Favourite  espresso based drink: Flat White
Favourite filter method : Clever
Favourite coffee origin: Central America and Ethiopia Kochere

Coffee Skills: Barista Professional  - SCA
Favourite T-Shirt: "Flat White"
Passions: Traveling,  dessign, gastronomy, Rock & Roll
A place to live: Barcelona
A place to get lost: Bangkok